Garbage Bag or Golden Nugget – opinion matters

Garbage Bag or Golden Nugget – opinion matters

Where are you reaching?

garbage bag from your past

As a child, one may see adults as superheroes who can accomplish anything. For example, as a child, you go with your parent(s) to a store and ask them for random things that may catch your eye. They will get you a statistical percentage of these items eventually. Adults have different jobs and seem important. 

As an adult, I found out that many adults that I thought were all that are not. Only a tiny percentage of adults could enter such a category, and their examples stuck like golden nuggets. The negative side of adults who did stupid things stuck like garbage. Imagine you carry garbage bags from your childhood. Garbage bags were bestowed upon you by adults who did everything the wrong way, and now it may take one forever to get rid of garbage bags.

The compelling point is the ability to correctly analyze which actions/habits emerge from your garbage bag you’ve so enthusiastically accepted from adults with faulty life lessons and which are from the golden nuggets. For example, eons ago, teachers called my class useless air breathers. Now, I must be aware that every time I feel 'useless,' it comes from the garbage bag. On the other hand, one teacher said that character matters and believed that anyone could achieve anything they want. Hence, when I feel I can accomplish something, that’s where it comes from – the adults who gave me the golden nuggets.

However, we are forever stuck if we don’t know we are reaching into the garbage bag. How many times did you reach into your garbage bag, thinking that it is a golden nugget? People often find that their garbage bag is the golden nugget. Maybe, one time, someone may point it out to us, but we may occasionally say, “Oh, you don’t know me.” One may see it as a criticism or a put-down of sorts, and it’s even worse when people express themselves in an unclear manner or in a way that may offend. So here we are, holding to our garbage and defending it by building moats of defence systems. Here that garbage bag will stick, and we may follow in the footsteps of other adults and pass on the garbage back to others proudly. 

Comment down below if you reach into the garbage bag or golden nuggets.