The Percolating Woman - Sandy's Mondays

  The Whisperer of the Abyss:

Sandy’s Never-Ending Monday Rants - Journal Entry 30

Fiction that's based on real life.  All names were changed, just in case.  

The Percolating Woman

percolating woman

A woman was percolating in the middle of the road. 

It’s like a 60-kilometre-per-hour road. I reduced the speed to 2 kilometres per hour and just turned slightly left and then continued on my way.

I really don’t know why people are like that… just standing in the middle of the road. I am so thankful that it was not the highway.  Would have caused a strain of collisions by slowing down like that. 

Anyway, that woman turned around and waved at me as I drove away. I hope she didn’t have the Novulus Covertuli, the new outbreak virus travelling here everywhere

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