Sitting at Home - Sandy's Mondays

  The Whisperer of the Abyss:

Sandy’s Never-Ending Monday Rants - Journal Entry 31

Fiction that's based on real life.  All names were changed, just in case.  

Sitting at Home

sitting at home

I am sitting at home, watching the news, and being bored to tears. There is a $1000 fine or a chance to visit jail if one goes outside.

We have a virus out-brake. It is called the Novulus Covertuli, which turns people hysterical, throwing up for a few hours and then one crosses to the other side.  

Jobs are closed, and shopping malls are closed. 

Military people have the right to make everyone cross to the other side without figuring out if they are healthy or sick with Novulus Covertuli.

There are only a few hours of breaks when people can visit grocery stores, and one can only pick one item of each; whoever picks two of the same items gets to jail. 

Toilet paper, hand sanitizer, pasta, and frozen foods are hard to find. 


The shampoo is gone too. 

I love shopping and going outside. However, these days shopping is my enemy due to harassment levels. 

No jobs too, and the money safety net is not so great.

Watching television flat box is awful. I don’t even want to open the internet to see everything deserted, all places evacuated. 

My life stinks right now. 

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