A Wall of Smell - Sandy's Monday

The Whisperer of the Abyss:

Sandy’s Never-Ending Monday Rants - Journal Entry 27

Fiction that's based on real life.  All names were changed, just in case.  

A Wall of Smell?

this is so gross

Rhubarb owns others' efforts as his and spills his faults on others. He, on purpose, told me false information when I had to relay it to customers, on many occasions. If I describe him, he behaves in a passive-aggressive way out of boredom. Generally, I do not care about his existence. 

In the morning, I collected all the questions from e-mails and phone calls and headed downstairs to the production floor to get updates for customers about their projects. 

Another co-worker, Jo, overheard Rhubarb say, “Sandy, stay closer to me! Closer!”  

I stood a femto-inch closer and asked the questions again. 

"Closer, closer!" Rhubarb continued. "I can't hear you."

My voice was clear and loud, and a 60 cm distance is generally cross-culturally appropriate. I was not going to stand any closer to Rhubarb. 

“What the $&%*% are you doing?” Jo shouted at Rhubarb and approached him. 

"Nothing." Rhubarb rolled his eyes. "Can't hear."

Jo was furious, "I can hear her from the other end of the production line! What the $%^& are you doing?" 

Rhubarb had nothing to do but stop asking me to stand closer. He's touchy, grabby and often grabs pens from the upper chest pockets of other co-workers' lab coats, usually women's. I would slap his hand into yesterday if he ever attempted that with me. Also, I never carried any pens in my lab coat chest pocket.

It is not just me. Other men and women noticed that there was definitely something abnormal there and pointed it out.  

Oh well. Just ignore that person. I remember he kept saying the word "Defamation." Now defamation happens when another person lies, but when I say 'everything as it is' and others have noticed and witnessed it before I did, there is no defamation. It is simply stating what happened; facts. 

"Go open the dictionary, Rhubarb!"

He probably meant defecation because he made many people feel bad without basis. One time he over-ordered sensitive materials with short expiry dates - it cost Usman thousands of dollars. Everyone laughed at him and ran to Usman to announce it. There was a smile of payback on co-workers' faces. Rhubarb is stinky both in his personality and in his actions/behaviours. 

Rhubarb is stinky because of what he smokes. Now, he does it deliberately to make others' lives harder. He also uses incense, which annoys co-workers. I don’t know what incense or evenness is. Not sure, but maybe evenness or incents. I will look it up later on. It was something relating to a foul smell emanating from Rhubarb’s office upstairs. 

One time the evenness or incents/se smell hit his front office. I could not enter to deliver the paperwork. Let's say stench is what everyone was complaining about. It was as though an invisible wall of smell. 

Some other co-worker was accusing him of farting. I don’t even know why co-workers share that with everyone. It's a bit gross of information. And it was the burning of essences sticks (or whatever it is), not the farting. 

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